Our Advantages

The distinguishing factor between Palladium Group and all others, both domestically and internationally, is our local market operational way of supporting you. Our executives do more than just consult, coach and mentor. Palladium's Tailored-Time™ executives don't just tell the company what to do, Palladium Group stays with the company in that local market to help the client executives operate on a day-to-day basis, having the local market operational expertise. That operational help is what makes growing companies successful in any market. Coaching and mentoring are not enough.

Our Capabilities

We assist companies who need operational assistance from a C-level executive with that business experience from the inside. We frequently target the small and mid-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) who do not yet have the need for full-time employees at these positions, but still feel the pain of not having either the personnel resource or the expertise in these roles. We bridge the gap of where these companies are today with their needs until they have reached the point when it makes sense for them to hire a full-time employee. They can hire the Palladium Executive or we can help them find their full-time employee. We’ve had clients as long as 7 years and as short as 4 months. We also offer our Palladium Executives on a full-time interim basis and have clients who have used Palladium Executives for more than a year during acquisitions, integrations and other critical, but temporary situations. We have both a domestic division (“Palladium Tailored-Time™ Executives”) and an international division that helps companies expand to other international markets (“The Global Success Centers”).

Unique Support for Greater Competitive Advantage Through Sustainable Growth

Palladium represents the next evolution in supporting companies from small and mid-sized to larger enterprises looking for sustainable growth. Palladium’s unique co-creation approach with an only-of-its-kind financial model allows for organic growth of companies that is not only relevant but sustainable. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, we can help transform your issues into solutions.

Domestic Market Needs

When you’re in need of either resources or expertise for operations, Palladium Tailored-Time™ Executives co-create your sustainable growth with you inside your company. Palladium executives are accessible where and when needed where external consultants and firms are not.  See Here for more domestic market solutions

International Market Needs

Palladium assists you to better understand the international target market in terms of customers, competitors, channel opportunities & challenges and messaging, which minimizes risks and challenges in the new market and accelerates growth and sustainability in that new market. See here for more international market solutions