Domestic Market Solutions

When you’re in need of either resources or expertise for operational needs

  • Palladium Tailored-Time™ Executives are inside and accessible where and when needed where external consultants and firms are not
  • Palladium Tailored-Time™ all have relevant industry experience in operational settings where external consultants and firms usually do not, having only theory and “rules” (and so may provide advice either not relevant or not easily translated into implementation operationally, so may not relieve the need for additional expertise)
  • Palladium Tailored-Time™ Executives co-create your success with you by staying with you for implementation and ongoing operational support where external consultants deliver documents with plans and advice, offering only monitoring, coaching and mentoring support, leaving it to the company to implement on its own (which does not relieve resources needs)
  • We provide ongoing additional resource on day-to-day basis to do the relevant work alongside your team
  • Palladium Tailored-Time™ Executives are like buying a “slice” of a person through our flat rates for levels of service, where external consultants charge expensive hourly rates, high project rates and/or minimums that make it challenging for many companies to afford with any continuity
  • We provide a one-of-its-kind financial model for customers that allow companies to obtain both resource and expertise needed as a slice of a personnel cost